Every Day Should Be St Valentine’s Day

Every day should be St Valentine’s day!….. not just once a year in February……..

OK – you don’t have to go all out and do the 100 red roses thing, (to impress everyone in the office), just spend some quality time together doing as much or as little as you want.  Just being together in some piece and quiet together is the aim of the game.

“But, won’t they think I have done something wrong?”……Surprising your partner for no reason at all – except that you want them to know who much you appreciate them, is one of the best aphrodisiacs there is and they will more than likely reward you with their gratitude.

We can provide lovely gourmet baskets, wine, flowers – just about everything to make your little get together a stress-free and romantic occasion. We will arrange/suggest some wonderful things for you both to do and places to go in the local area……….  We can even arrange a baby sitter.

Bring on the mojo.

PS – your partner will still love your thoughtfulness even if you have done something wrong too!