Life’s too short (not to party)

You just seem to get over the fact that your last birthday marked the ticking over of another digit in your life journey, when the next one is looming, signaling another year that you have been on this earth.

What did you do to celebrate the last birthday?  Can’t remember…must not have been that memorable?  What a shame, cause a birthday is one of the best self indulging excuses that you can possibly have to throw a party – or for your partner or to even host one for one of your friends.

Whatever the age you are celebrating – why not theme it up, so everyone can have some fun, not only at the party but through preparing and planning the right outfit to make the party come alive.

Whatever the celebrations, your guests are super important, their comfort and safety should rank high up on the “to do” list.  Eventtime will help you with the little details, like accommodation, carparking and/or transport should the location or venue lack these essentials to a successful and much talked about social event.