Social Clubs

Believe me, being the President is not all that glamorous…..

President of a social club that is……(neither is being a committee member most times).  Picture this……you are stressed up to your eye balls, starving and have a headache because you haven’t had time for lunch and buried in paperwork, when the boss wades through and asks you what “we” are doing for the next social club event?……

After you have stared blankly at him for about 10 seconds, (because you have no idea what day it is –  let alone what, where, when, or how you are going to find the time to plan said “team bonding” session……(and wouldn’t this be nice) when you simply say…..”Let me consult my calendar”……..(where Event Time has already planned an action packed yet enjoyable game of laser tag next month.  …..Infact Eventtime has planned the whole year of social club events for you – to be scheduled in for the 2nd Saturday every 2 months for this business).

…….Now you remember, you and the committee had sat down with Eventtime and planned out the year with lots of fun, interesting and interactive activities to do, designed to promote team building and social interaction between all staff and/or their families.  All the events are pre-planned, including the costs, venues, transport….and most importantly they take care of all the RSVP’s, (no more endless emails and ringing people to get numbers for the day, whew!)….it didn’t really cost that much either when you compare it to all of the lost production time at work.

They even did the minutes of the meeting – Sweet!